Visions and Values


Mission Statement

At Straid Primary School we endeavour to create a safe, happy and caring environment in which children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which fulfils the Northern Ireland curriculum and promotes the children’s development socially, physically, morally and emotionally as well as academically. We strive to encourage in each child an awareness of, confidence in and respect of themselves and care and consideration for others.

Our Aims

We aim to;

-Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable all pupils, regardless of age, sex or ability to reach their full potential.

-Develop social skills, moral awareness, emotional maturity and compassion in each child.

-Develop in each child a positive self-image and sturdy independence.

-Let the school and its pupils enhance positively influence the community.

-Encourage parents to play an active role in the education of their children.

-Guide each child towards the realisation of his or her potential.

Our Curricular Objectives are;

-To create and maintain a secure and happy school environment.

-To encourage the children to speak audibly and listen attentively whenever appropriate.

-As far as possible, relate classroom activities to the experiences of the children and to encourage a desire to take pride in all that they do.

-To teach our children to read fluently and with understanding.

-To develop basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

-Through geographical, historical, scientific (study of ‘The World Around Us’) and religious studies to help the children explore the world in which they live and to appreciate and understand their own place in it.

-To encourage the children to express themselves creatively through language, movement, art and music.

-To encourage children to play a positive role in all physical activities.