Mrs Mairs B.Ed. (Hons.) Cert.

Mrs Mairs is our Principal. She is Deputy Designated Child Protection teacher.

Mrs Parkes B.Ed. (Hons.) PQH (NI)

Mrs Parkes is a Senior teacher. Mrs Parkes is our Numeracy Co-ordinator, Designated Teacher for Child Protection, she leads Music and Cycling.

Miss Barr B.A. (Hons.) PGCE

Miss Barr teaches P1 and P2. She teaches Art in the afternoon and coaches Hockey after school.

Miss Christie M.Ed. B.A. (Hons.) PGCE

Miss Christie is our P3 and P4 teacher. Miss Christie is also our SENCO and takes Animation club.

Mrs Heggarty

P6/7 teacher.

Mrs Rainey

Mrs Rainey is our Foundation Stage Classroom Assistant. She runs our 2-3pm Afterschool club and enjoys leading Arts activities.

Mrs McKinty

Mrs McKinty is our Assistant in the P3 and 4 classroom. She also runs our Breakfast Club before school.

Mrs Coulter

Mrs Coulter serves school dinners with a smile at lunchtime in the school assembly hall.

Mrs Darrah

Mrs Darrah is our school secretary. She works in the office at Straid Primary helping staff, parents & pupils each day.