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Mrs Boyd B.A. (Hons) PQH (NI)

Mrs Boyd is our Principal. She teaches P5/P6/P7 and is our SENCO in school.

Mrs Parkes B.Ed. (Hons.) PQH (NI)

Mrs Parkes teaches P1 & P2 and is a Senior teacher. She is our Designated Teacher for Child Protection.

Miss Barr B.A. (Hons.) PGCE

Miss Barr teaches P1 and P2 and co-ordinates ICT.

Miss Christie M.Ed. B.A. (Hons.) PGCE

Miss Christie is our P3 and P4 teacher and co-ordinates Numeracy.

Mrs Rainey

Mrs Rainey is our Foundation Stage Classroom Assistant. She runs our 2-3pm Afterschool club.

Mrs McKinty

Mrs McKinty is our Assistant in the P5/P6/P7 classroom. She runs our Breakfast Club before school.

Mrs Coulter

Mrs Coulter serves school dinners with a smile at lunchtime in the school assembly hall.

Mrs Grant

Mrs Grant is our school secretary. She works in the office at Straid Primary helping staff, parents & pupils each day.

Mr Dent

Mr Dent is our school Building Supervisor/Cleaner.