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1.Children should have reached compulsory school age.

2. Children for whom this school represents the closest centre for their primary education.

3. Children who have brothers/sisters presently attending the school.

4. Children whose siblings/parents have in the past attended the school.

5. Children whose parents are currently on the teaching/ancillary staff of the school.

6. Final selection will be made on chronological order of their date of birth with the eldest child given priority. If two or more children have the same date of birth a final selection will be made in alphabetical order of surname.


Transfer Between Primary Schools P2 – P7

It will be the responsibility of the Principal (on behalf of the Board of Governors) to consider all applications for admission.

A child will be admitted provided that –

-the school will not exceed its enrolment number as determined by the Department of Education;

-the class size of 30 pupils for Years 2-4 as determined by the Department of Education will not be exceeded;. and

-their acceptance will not prejudice the efficient use of resources.

Admission Criteria are set by the Board of Governors on a yearly basis. These criteria may be subject to change.